Tuesday, April 6

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Colors - Carnival & Horehound Ltd Runs

 In 2020 CiM - Creation Is Messy began creating a selection of glass rod with complimentary streamers of glass encased in the rod of transparent glass. 

The designers at CiM continued to develop other streamer rod and 2021 brings lots of options in limited quantities. Over the next few posts I will be showing several of these.
In the bead set below, I paired a streamer glass named Carnival Ltd Run, a light blue transparent base with orange, yellow, green, and white streamers.

The hollow focal bead and small barrel beads were capped on each end with Double Helix Aurae silver glass. Each bead was reduced to bring out the metallic shine.  The spacer beads are pure Carnival glass.

The Carnival glass is elegant in my opinion and would be would be beautiful on a simple silver chain.

CiM introduced a few new browns to their existing color line. 
Horehound Ltd Run is a light transparent brown that really sings with silver glass! This set of beads combined Double Helix Helios streamers reduced to glorious gold metallic shine.

The colors of each glass stayed true with no reaction to the silver and are on my list to order before these limited edition glasses are gone forever.



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