Tuesday, August 19

More Beads from Week 2 of Vacation

I am now back at the daily grind as a system administrator until my weekends. Can't wait for next long weekend.

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Violet and amber transparent glasses mixed with white create unique plunged dot beads mixed with mixed colour glass dotted beads. Rich colour scheme mixes for Fall and Winter 2008.

Bullseye Cinnibar and Very Fine Purple special production rods, sprinkled with white opaque, amber and amethyst transparent glasses. Unique colour combination, rich and striking!
Set below is SOLD

Fall and Winter 2008, steel blue transparent glass and rich chocolate.
These are created with Bullseye Glass using Steel Blue transparent glass and Special Production Rod, Fudgesicle.
CocoBlue is now SOLD

All Bullseye Glass, this set is made by first creating thin twisted strands of glass of 3 colours, neo-lavender, cyan blue and white. These "twisties" are then encorporated onto the surface of a hot molten bead, melted in and encased in clear glass. This creates a microscope sort of effect, similar to glass marbles. Unique one-of-a-kind beads.
WhirlyGigs is now SOLD

Bullseye Special Production Rods, Light Fuschia and Very Fine Purple mixed with white and dark purple transparent glasses.

Italian Moretti Glass.
Navy, Cobalt Blue and floral shades of transparent and opaque glass.

Inspiration for this set... Spring froggies and wild flowers.

Very Trendy colours for Fall and Winter 2008, Sky Blue and Coco Brown.
These are created with Bullseye Glass using Cyan Blue and Special Production Rod, Fudgesicle.
CocoCyan is now SOLD

Autumn Amber Focal Beads.
Mellow shades of Bullseye Cinabar, Fudgsicle and Amber Transparent Glass.
Set below is SOLD

Monday, August 11

More Beads....

I love the effect of emerald green transparent glass over white. When it is combined with purple, the colours really pop!

Another set inspired by a rainy afternoon watching new movie versions of Pride and Prejudice and Atonement. I named this set, The Tea Party.

Tea Party is now SOLD

Could it be named anything else but Pretty in Pink? A Beautiful Bullseye Pink glass paired with white. The chips between the beads are genuine Rose Quartz as they capture the pink colour of the beads so well.
Pretty in Pink is now SOLD

The focal beads in this set are made with Spring Violet frit from Glass Diversions.
Spacer beads are Bullseye White Glass and Purplicious, a special 2007 production rod no longer available. It is a beautiful purple opaque glass that really coordinates well with the frit beads.
Purple Voilets is now SOLD
Another special production rod from Bullseye is used in these beads. Raspberry cream is a composed of a core of white with striking Cranberry as the outer layer. As a result, beads will have a layering of the two colours making each bead unique. Four of these beads used white as a base, with the remaining using clear as the base of the bead, adding the Raspberry cream as the surface glass.
Raspberry Cream is now SOLD
Sky blue glass and white combinations, very dainty and delicate colouring. Very Pretty for wedding beads.
Shades of Sky is now SOLD

A set of fun beads composed of dots and lines. Red, white, dark blue and yellow combos are nice for summer nautical jewelry!
Set below is SOLDSo that was Week 1 of vacation, one more week to go!


Saturday, August 9

Vacation - Week 1 - Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

This past week as been gray and dismal outside, but I have kept myself busy in my glass shop. The new bead sets are posted here as a first glimpse...

Purple and Red, a combo inspired from a Chinese Art Film. So Pretty!
Chinese Lanterns is now SOLD

Some great dotty beads using combinations of blues and white along with a couple of gravity beads composed of transparent teals and purples.
This glass is known as Forest Mist, a limited production rod by Bullesye Glass. I experimented with this glass over clear, as well as white bases, with a hint of Robin's Egg blue in the centre bead.
Forest Mist is now SOLD
Turquoise again, mixed with Ivory glass with a bit of chemistry between the metals in each colour creates the interesting reaction where the glass mixes together.
Ivory Turquoise is now SOLD

This set I have named Garden Party as the colours remind me of the Victorian garden parties in historically based movies.
Garden Party is now SOLD

Beautiful beads in shades of blue on blue, beautiful over a white blouse or summer dress.
Shades of Blue is now SOLD

Ivory spacer beads and rich caramel swirl beads.
Caramel Sundae is now SOLD

These beads remind me of old fashioned lollipops, in colours of lifesavers or Jolly Rancher candies. These are created by clear core beads with rich transparent glass melted into the surface of the bead.
Jolly Ranchers is now SOLD

Beautiful beads in shades of lilac and light teal. Plunged dotted beads show the clear glass bubble in the focal beads.
More to come!!

Friday, August 1

A dear friend and colleague told me about this very amusing site.
Thank you David!

I wanted to share it with everyone!

The site
"The Darwin Awards" is described as "A Chronicle of Enterprising DemisesHonoring those who improve the species...by accidentally removing themselves from it! "

This brings new meaning to survival of the fittest!!

My favorite quote from the site:
"Just think how stupid the average person is,and then realize that half of them are even stupider!"--George Carlin

Have a great holiday weekend, my fellow Canadians!