Sunday, April 18

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Color - Burnt Sugar Ltd Run

Burnt Sugar Ltd Run is a new 2021 CiM - Creation Is Messy is a rich transparent brown with caramel tones. 
I experimented with Burnt Sugar two ways in my work with this new glass color.
First up, it is paired with Val Cox frit named Drama Cream.

These round beads have a simple sprinkling of the glass frit gently melted into the surface. 

The single bead in the photo below has a roll of silver foil under the frit as I wanted to see the difference it would achieve. The spacer beads are made SOLD OUT CiM Baked Alaska Ltd Run. Transparent spacers are Burnt Sugar.

The set below also used a base of Burnt Sugar. Layered dots of a custom stringer mix of a CiM Streamer test glass (coded as 2020.10.29) with
Double Helix Hyperion were captured under clear Double Helix Zephyr portals. 

Notice the swirls of silver glass magnified under the clear glass. 

Dots of Double Helix Aurae were added and reduced. This fumed the base Burnt Sugar with a purple blue blush that is very pretty.

I definitely will be trying this combination of Burnt Sugar and silver glass again to see what I can achieve.


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