Monday, April 5

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Colors - Heather & Yours Truly Ltd Runs

In 2020 CiM - Creation Is Messy introduced a cloudy transparent named Heather Ltd Run
It was extremely well received by the glass community as a unique offering of a pinkish purple.
Glass testers loved the color but found it be a bit temperamental and shocky in the melting process.

The CiM family re-engineered the formula and I am pleased to say in my testing that the new 2021 version of Heather is absolutely lovely to work with.

In the bead set below, I paired 2021 Heather Ltd Run with a new 2021 color called Yours Truly Ltd Run, a lovely transparent purple. I sprinkled Glass Diversions Persian Paisley glass frit on the transparent end of each bead and wrapped 99% fine silver wire around the Heather glass end.

As comparison to CiM's 2020 
Heather Ltd Run, I have posted a few views of a set I created last year that seemed to not have been saved to my blog previously.

The barrel bead was created with stripes of CiM Heather and now SOLD OUT CiM's Daydream Ltd Run, A bright blue milky opal that stays translucent. I capped each end with a bit of CiM's Cerulean Ltd Run and wrapped it in 99% fine silver wire. Lots of additional beads were created with each glass to complete the set.

The colors of each glass stayed true with no reaction to the silver and the resulting beads are bright and cheerful for any jewelry design!


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