Friday, April 9

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Colors - Avalon Misty and Milky Ltd Runs

This year CiM - Creation Is Messy added four new opal colors in misty and milky options. 
The difference between the two options is based on the level of translucency that was requested by glass bead makers.
In 2020, when CiM introduced cloudy opals, I had an issue with cracking of beads when comparing the glass with glass frit. I wanted to retest the 2021 offerings as the formulas have been re-engineered.

First up, Avalon Misty Ltd Run, an opal pale green.
This glass melts easily and behaved in the creation of the hollow bead sprinkled with a band of Pendragonfyre hand blended glass frit. 

The barrel beads were wrapped with 99% fine silver wire that fumed an ever so slight golden cast. 

Pendragonfyre frit was sprinkled over Avalon Misty Ltd Run on the round beads. 
Avalon Misty spacer beads complete the set.

Avalon Milky Ltd Run is a less translucent glass in the same Avalon hue. 
In this bead test, I sprinkled it with Val Cox Trackster frit. 

The bead melted smoothly and emerged from the kiln with no cracks. 
I am so pleased with this successful test! Spacers complete the set.

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