Monday, October 9

New CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Blues and Greens - Tardis and Juniper

Blues and Greens - CiM - Creation Is Messy offers many hues of limited runs and the color palette is wide across the spectrum from olive greens to teal greens, from grey blues to deep indigos.

This season only two blues was introduced, CiM's Poolside teal transparent and CiM’s Tardis Ltd Run

Tardis is an opal blue that I paired with a basic frit and formed it into cubes.
It is a muted blue base and flowed beautifully as a great background for Valerie Cox’s Sunflower Fields artisan frit.

There were 5 true greens in this season’s offerings. I first tested Chrysalis and Siren Ltd Runs. Click here for the post

I have another to share with you below. 
This is CiM’s Juniper Ltd Run. It is a dense opaque green that I tried in different ways.

I tried it with Double Helix silver infused Triton and melted it in a hot flame and allowed it to flow and stream. I was testing to see if when worked hot and then encased with CiM Siren transparent green and formed in a heart.

I also tried CiM's Juniper Ltd Run paired with other CiM colors, Tardis, Bone and rare Indigo within a multi-layered spotted bead. 
CiM’s Bone Ltd Run is new and melts as a nice non-reactive ivory that spread evenly. 
CiM’s Indigo Ltd Run, now sold out, is a dense dark transparent blue and stood out on the bead’s shoulders. 
I found Tardis, being an opal, seemed to become washed out as it spread over the centre of the bead.

Finally, the last bead (left side) was a base of Juniper and portals of Double Helix stormed Triton layered over drops of CiM Indigo and capped with clear glass portals.

Til next time,

CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Poolside, Enchanted and Rapunzel

It is early Thanksgiving morning here on the east coast of Canada. The autumn season has arrived and the colors are brilliant!
I have a few more sets of beads to share with you from my recent testing for the new season’s color offerings from CiM - Creation Is Messy.
First up, CiM Poolside Ltd Run, a transparent teal.
I am a avid fan of pairing transparent glass with metallics. It reminds me of evening gowns and dramatic jewelry designs.
In this set, Poolside was paired with Double Helix silver infused Aurae frit. The frit was reduced to glittering droplets.

Continuing with the transparent and metallic pairings, CiM’s Enchanted Ltd Run was complemented by Double Helix Aurae shards. The silver glass seems to fume a golden hue over the transparent purple glass.

CiM’s Enchanted Ltd Run is a beautiful transparent purple that when I first opened the box of test glasses attracted directly to the other purple offered this season. CiM’s Rapunzel Ltd Run. This is a bright opaque purple that I describe as a happy color with pink undertones.
I paired the 2 glasses in hand rolled barrel beads with silvered ivory stringer twists. I really love the two colors together. 

Enchanted worked in a cooler flame has no bubbles. I did find that Rapunzel needed to be warmed gently to reduce any shockiness in the glass. Once it was warm it flowed smoothly and evenly.

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Thursday, October 5

New CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Enchanted and Siren

A quick post to show these new limited run colors paired with Double Helix silver infused Aurae shards.

The centre bead was created on a base of CiM's Siren Ltd Run, a green transparent with a slight teal hue.

The two beads on left and right are CiM Enchanted Ltd Run bases, a transparent purple that seems to color shift between a purple and blue violet under different lighting sources.

In an upcoming post, I will be pairing CiM's Enchanted with another new CiM purple called Rapunzel and will be testing the colors under several light sources. 

Til next time,

New CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Chrysalis and Siren

In the latest selection of new CiM - Creation is Messy colors, two new greens are introduced and at first glance I knew I needed to combine them in a set.

I paired these two limited run colors with twists of silver ivory stringer and hand pressed them into free formed flat tab beads.

Chrysalis Ltd Run is described as an opal green that works out almost to an opaque. It was smooth to work with with no stockiness. 

Siren Ltd Run is a nice green transparent however it needs to be worked very cool to prevent bubbling. 

I am blaming this on the beadmaker rather than the glass as I did work the glass as I cooled and reheated the glass in forming the beads. 

In this set, the bubbles adds to the “sea-side” look in these beads.

Til next time,

New CiM Color for Fall 2017 - Venus

The new limited run glass is described as a coral pink transparent.

When I tested CiM's Venus Ltd Run, I discovered that working it in a slightly hotter flame brings out more orange but the trade off is more bubbles.

I actually like the result in these round beads as the color reminds me of Bullseye Coral Tint.

There aren’t many coral transparent available, so I am embracing the bubbles in these round beads.

I have another set of beads using Venus as an encasement in my bead tumbler for etching. I will post the results in the next few days.


New CiM Colors for Fall 2017 - Autumn Earth Tones

In the latest selection of new CiM - Creation is Messy colors, there are several earth tone hues.

This set uses the combinations in line wrapped round beads and demonstrates the crispness of the glass in each stringer.

Each of these colors are Limited Runs so snatch them up quickly.

CiM Monarch and CiM Harvest - both opaque oranges
CiM Buttermilk - an opaque pale yellow
CiM Canoe - an opaque silver brown

Each of these colors flowed easily with no shockiness or bleeding. 
Great option for autumn inspired jewelry creations.

This photo provides a closer look at the colors in the solid spacer beads.

I had a bit of glass left over from making this set, so I created a few necklace beads with the glasses.


Wednesday, October 4

A Missed Set - CiM Maroon, Pistachio Ice Cream and Hades

Somewhere along the way I missed posting this set from my Spring 2017 CiM - Creation Is Messy color testing.

These colors are an awesome combination for multi-dotted beads.

The deep red is CiM Maroon Ltd Run mixed with bases of CiM Pistachio Ice Cream Ltd Run with highlight dots of CiM Hades black stringer.