Friday, April 16

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Colors - Reds - Vampire and Firecracker Ltd Runs

This blog post will introduce two new reds for 2021 from CiM - Creation Is Messy.

CiM has always had a wonderful palette of red shades and this year is no exception.
Check out the Red CiM palette here.
First up is CiM Vampire Ltd Run is an opaque red that I knew would work amazingly with Double Helix striking silver glass.

This set started with a base of Vampire. 
Streams of Double Helix Terra 2 was struck and reduced, copper foil oak and dragonfly inclusions were added and each bead was encased in clear Double Helix Zephyr glass. 

This set has a variety of round, barrel and flat tab bead shapes to complete a set of beads just waiting for the perfect jewelry design.

Vampire had not issues in melting and shaping and the colors that it presented with Terra 2 is glorious.

Another new red, Firecracker Ltd Run, is an opaque dark cherry red that has been remelted for 2021.
I have used it many times with silver glass and it really sings. CiM's website displays some of my previous beads if you are interested.

This time around I used Firecracker with Italian murrini to create some fun and bright round beads. 

I added extra dots to each bead with CiM white Peace and yellow Schoolbus Ltd Run.
As in the past the glass melted beautifully and retained it's cherry red color after a quick striking.

A pleasure to work with.



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