Friday, April 9

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Colors - Bird's Nest and Orangezilla Ltd Runs

In this post, I am showing two new 2021 offerings on the CiM - Creation Is Messy palette. 
I spent one torch session working on a new skill of hollow beads. I definitely need more practice but I am quite pleased with my progress so far!

The first new "streamer" in this post is named Bird's Nest Ltd Run. These three hollow beads are a great way to really see the streamers within the glass. The streamers stayed true and the glass melted smoothly and consistently in order to create these hollow rounds.

A new orange from CiM this year is Orangezilla Ltd Run. It is a bright orange that becomes vibrant in the flame. 
The hollow round has stripes of Bird's Nest. 
The spacer beads are pure Orangezilla. 

The barrel bead in the photo below is a core of Bird's Nest with end caps of Orangezilla. 
Bird's Nest spacer beads complete the bead set.

As a final test, I create a bead to test the orange glass in a layered silver glass bead. 
This flat tab bead was created by layering Double Helix Kalypso silver glass over a core of Orangezilla with a clear glass encasement.

It is important to ensure a thin layer of clear glass is placed between the 2 layers to protect the color of the core. I added copper foil dragonflies, reduced the silver glass and encased in Double Helix ZephyrCreamy pinks and blues resulted with peeks of the juicy orange shows through. 

Have a great day and hope these brighten the corner in your world!




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