Sunday, December 28

New Sets for the last weekend of 2008!

2009 Wedding series - Set #3

This set of 14 beads starts with a base of CIM's Peace and decorated with glittering Sapphire Filigrana and handpulled Iris gold stringers. The look is antique and beautiful for the bride on her special day.

This set is SOLD
Turquoise Dragon Raku - This set of 13 beads is the popular combination of Turquoise Moretti glass with raked veins of raku/black twistie. With an feel of asian dragon's spines in the raking, these handformed flat beads were lightly encased on clear to gentle enhance the veins of raku.

This set is SOLD

Saturday, December 27

English Royalty series - My Lady's Tiara

English Royalty series - Set #2

LADY MOUNTBATTEN’S TIARA was the inspiration for this set of handmade beads. This MAGNIFICENT tiara was worn by one of the most beautiful and distinguished women of her day, Lady Edwina Mountbatten. The bands of scrollwork was amazing and intricate. Click here to see the actual tiara.

This large set of 21 beads start with a base of CIM's Pink Champagne and decorated with glittering scrollwork of handpulled Iris gold stringers.

This set is SOLD

Tuesday, December 23

New sets for this week!

I have been enjoying some much needed time off, my IT work project was finally deployed in early December, so we are now working through the post implementation kinks.

I am e
njoying this week off, preparing for holiday family get-togethers and stealing away some time at the torch.

My wonderful Dad installed a wood stove, so it is nice and toasty warm, and saves on electricity cost. A Christmas present to myself and I am enjoying every moment! I even pulled out my manual Italian expresso perk. Simply from the heat from the stove and 15 minutes, a wonderful coffee is ready. I add gingerbread syrup from Starbucks and some milk and TADA..., my favorite latte! YUM.

Here are a couple of new sets. I have begun a couple of series in my bead sets:

  • 1. My 2009 Wedding series, this issue showing set#2 (set #1 is showing in my previous blog post)
  • 2. My English Royalty series, the first set shown on this posting, "Jewels of Winter".

Enjoy and happy holidays wishes to you and your family!,


2009 Wedding Series - Set #2 - English Garden Party

This set is SOLD
English Royalty series - Set #1 - Jewels of Winter

The pomegranate is fondly known as the 'Jewel of Winter' and is one of the colours that inspired this new group of beads. The pomegranate fruit was an emblem in the coat of arms of Catherine of Aragon (1485 - 1536). She was the widow of Arthur, Prince of Wales but, more memorably, was King Henry VIII's first wife.

This set is SOLDCinnamon Dolce
Another of the popular Ivory and Silver Cinnamon glasses

This set is SOLD

Saturday, December 20

Special Posting - 2009 Spring Bridal Set

I have been experimenting with 2009 colour palettes for Spring and Summer, adding in cubic zirconia accents for next year's wedding season. Here is the first of the bridal series, named Pink Zirconia Gardens.
It is currently posted on e-bay, so feel free to visit and bid!
Set Below is SOLD

Sunday, December 14

Hot off the Torch

Here are a couple new sets that were posted on e-Bay today!

Set Below is SOLD
Set Below is SOLD

This set is SOLD

Friday, December 12

Mid December Bead Offerings

Here are a couple of new bead sets from earlier this week. I have been experimenting with new colour combinations, and this week chocolate brown was one of the focal colours.

These sets are posted on E-Bay for auction over the next 7 days.

I have paired it with Lt. Turquoise to create a fresh combination that even Martha Stewart may approve of.
Set Below is SOLD

Sunday, December 7

I am finally beginning a week of much anticipated vacation!... Yeah!
I have a number of design ideas for my torch this week, so stay tuned for new items through the week. They will be posted to e-bay as they are being offered for auction!
Click Here to view the latest offerings!


All Sets are now SOLD

Monday, December 1

This Week on E-Bay

Hello everyone!
This week is time to clear out some Orphan Bead sets, and some 2 for 1 sets on e-Bay. Click Here to view the latest offerings!

One new set is a result of the first snow that fell here in New Brunswick. It reminded me that Spring 2009 is still off in the future, but we can remind ourselves of it anytime that we want. This bead set is aptly named: Waiting for Spring.

It was created with light turquoise Moretti glass, providing the base for the shade of robin's egg. Add to it, Glass Diversions, beautiful Robin's Egg frit and the result is the closest to a real robin's egg. Delicate blue green with the tiny brown speckles.

In a jewelry design, you can wear "spring" anytime, no matter how much snow piles up outside your door! This auction closes on Friday, so get them while you can!

Cheers, til the kiln opens to new sets next week!
This set is SOLD

Saturday, November 22

Hot Off the Torch - A couple new sets

Only had a brief time this week to work at the torch, my IT project is entering it's final stages, so
Hello everyone!
I am looking forward to more creative time over the next month along with some real vacation time!

Here are a couple of new sets from this week, currently posted on auction at e-bay!


Set below is SOLD
Set below is SOLD

Set below is SOLD

Tuesday, November 4

November Beads For This Week!

Despite my crazy schedule at my dayjob in IT, I purposely took the time to spend a couple of hours letting my creativity flow... it is a great stress reliever!
My process for creating beads is purely creative. I never plan what I am creating, but simply choose the colour combinations on the fly and let the design create itself!
It is so rewarding when I open the kiln and see the results!
Check out the link and search for my items under the word "pendragonfyre".
Enjoy and til next week!
All Sets below are now SOLD

Wednesday, October 29

Beads of the week!

The focus was on autumn colours, thanks for the suggestion from one of my e-bay clients. I have had limited time at my torch this past week due to the "day job" being so busy. I work in an IT oriented role, so time at my torch is a welcome break from days in front of a computer.
Enjoy this latest installment of Pendragonfyre Designs!

Set below is SOLD

Set below is SOLD

Set below is SOLD

Below is SOLD

Set below is SOLD

Set below is SOLD

Set below is SOLD

Til next time,

Wednesday, October 22

New Beads -Pendragonfyre - October Edition

I have been having a great time experimenting with my latest glass purchases from my business trip just a few weeks ago. There are just so many possibilities, but never enough time to create them all.
Here are some of the latest, some current Auction Items and some already sold! Keep checking at e-bay under the search name of Pendragonfyre for the latest posted items!

All Sets Below are SOLD