Saturday, April 3

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Color - Study of Oranges - Marmalade & Kniphofia Ltd Runs

In this post we will be previewing beads made with 2 of the new 2021 CiM - Creation Is Messy orange palette.

CiM's Marmalade Ltd Run was tested with Double Helix's Clio silver glass, I experimented to see the reactions between the two glasses based on layering it with CiM's new clear glass.

The round bead with Clio scrolls was created with a clear glass core, layer of Marmalade, scrolled with Clio. The bead was then reduced and encased with clear glass.

The focal bead was created in the similar layering process but an added layer of CiM clear glass was placed as a barrier between Marmalade and the addition of Clio.
The layering process demonstrates the option of getting a batik look of the stringer scrolls vs the soft hues of the pinks, blues and creams.
The spacers are pure Marmalade showing the lovely rich orange hues of the glass.

CiM's Kniphofia Ltd Run is a bright opal orange glass that was easy to strike and juicy in depth of color. It's name is derived from the flower known as the Red Hot Poker plant. Check out photos of the plant here.

Working from left to right, the beads were created as:
- a short barrel bead with CiM clear core, a layer of Kniphofia and Double Helix Melia scrolls reduced to a metallic shine.
- the central barrel bead is a CiM clear core, a layer of Kniphofia and Double Helix Melia dots and endcaps reduced to a metallic shine.
- a square bead with a Kniphofia core, a wrap of 99% fine silver wire and encased in CiM clear glass.. The silver has reacted to a blackened rustic look that some designers seek out.
The spacers are pure Kniphofia.

Similar reactions to silver are seen in these test beads, so layering with clear between orange and silver continues to ensure all stays true.

As a comparison to CiM 2020, I created a few more beads with the now SOLD OUT CiM's Goldfish Ltd Run which I purchased after loving it so much last year.

This focal hollow blown bead was created on a puffy mandrel (I am learning this new technique!). The  ends of the bead are Double Helix Aurae

The spacers show the various levels of striking that Goldfish can provide. I create these spacer beads 3-4 beads at a time, so the heating and cooling of each bead varies as they are added to the mandrel.

Oranges are beautiful and sometimes requires some special attention to pull out the richness of the color. Well worth the effort to add these to your glass collection.


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