Monday, April 29

Spring 2019 - New CiM Color - Eden

Today's new 2019 CiM - Creation is Messy color is Eden. 
This focal bead combined it with handmade Double Helix silver glass Clio blown shards encased under clear to capture the mother of pearl of the silver glass. 

The glitter within Eden is hard to capture in a photo but it glitters in the sunshine.

It is described as a dense transparent pine green with aventurine. 

A look from the other side.

This bead below was a test to see if Eden would spread on the surface of the bead.
The base of the bead is clear glass rolled in Double Helix Psyche powdered frit. 
Scrolls of Eden was added and the bead was encased with another layer of clear.

As you can see, the CiM Eden stayed put and did not spread. This glass may be promising in a twistie or murrini as it stays dense and doesn't seem to dilute.

I had a difficult time to have the aventurine reveal the glitter in the finished bead, so more testing will need to be done before I give up. LOL

All the new CiM colors are available through Contact Jean for your glass needs!

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