Glass Diversions Glass Frit Testing

I am honored to be asked to be a tester for Glass Diversions line of glass frit blends. Thank you Robin for giving me this opportunity!
I just received new blends to try, so stay tuned for new sets being added to this page!

Below is my archive of testing so far!

CiM - Creation is Messy glass named Nectar, a peachy transparent which is unique to the color palette sprinkled in a Glass Diversions frit named Firecracker. This blend is a mix of cherry cold red, indigo, pinks with iris orange raku.


CiM's Apple Pie Limited Run which is described as an opaque minty pastel green. In the rod, the glass is a light green with a blue undertone. I decided to try it out with a Glass Diversions frit named Kismet. It held the glass frit well and allowed it to be twisted while retaining it's patterning.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Starting with a base of CiM's Whisper Ltd Run, a pale opal pink, each bead was rolled in fine silver foil and sprinkled with Glass Diversions Sugar Plum Fairy glass frit create these 8 hand shaped round beads. 

Himalayan Rose

CiM - Creation is Messy Buttermilk is an creamy opaque ivory that I sometimes struggle to use with anything other than silver glass. Silver glass will tend to fume the base glass and the true color disappears.

This glass is classified as a yellow, but in the rod it is really a neutral ivory.

In the set below, I decided to go the glass frit testing route and paired it with Glass Diversions Himalayan Rose mix. 

This no mess glass frit is a mix of gold, pinks and purples that look great with the CiM Buttermilk base glass.

Starting with a base of CiM's Primose Ltd Run, a pale pink opaque glass, each bead was sprinkled with Glass Diversions, Himalayan Rose glass frit create these 9 hand shaped round beads.

Sand Dune

CiM's Aegean Ltd Run is a beautiful transparent teal that when paired with Glass Diversions Sand Dune frit created a lovely palette of "beachy" cube beads.


This combination of base glass and grit was created with CiM's Frost Ltd Run with Glass Diversions Oasis Frit.
Frost, a pale transparent blue was a gentle base for the "serene and peaceful" hues of the frit. This set below is complemented by spacers of truly clear pale blue transparent by CiM named Ice Floe Ltd Run.

Persian Paisley

Bone Limited Run is a light neutral shade that is not an ivory. It seems to be a shade between white and ivory that some testers say reacts to silver but not to colors that normally react with ivory.

For this set, I sprinkled each bead with Glass Diversions Persian Paisley glass frit and twisted and swirled the frit into the surface of the CiM Bone glass.

We got lots of brown hued reactions along with the highlights of pinks and blue.

CiM Yellow Brick Road Ltd Run. It is an opaque yellow on which I sprinkled some Glass Diversions Persian Paisley frit and created the twists in the melted in frit. 

On a core of White Effetre, an encasement of Effetre Rose Quartz transparent was added. Rolled in Glass Diversions Persian Paisley frit, the beads were shaped into round beads with both opaque and transparent tones.

This frit is described as "This blend works nicely on the surface and also encased for different reactions. A fantastic blending of opaque colors with a few light transparent tones that when mixed together they create a complex blend. It contains a misting of sparkling gold and a reactive Iris Orange (Raku) which color-shifts when worked with Silver."

Glimmer Canyon

CiM's Splash with frit mix from Glass Diversions, Glimmer Canyon.  

This is a blend of opaques and transparent blues with sparkling aventurine. A quick twist with a clear thin stringer was all it needed to swirl the colors.

Using Robin Koza's tutorial on Multi-colored Striations, I created a frit stringer with Glimmer Canyon on a based on CiM - Creation is Messy Trapeze Ltd Run.

I wrapped the stringer over CiM's Marble Ltd Run and the striations appear in hues of royal and navy blue.

On a base of Effetre white with an encasement of CiM - Creation is Messy's Appletini, these beads were rolled in Glass Diversions frit named Bollywood.

Robin at Glass Diversions describes this frit as "A complex blend of jewel tones give this an elegant feel! Vivid colors paired with tart green".
I am looking forward to trying this frit with silver foil to see what other reactions I can create.

Coffee Bean

This Mocha latte flavoured set of beads was created with a base of CiM's Tamarind Unique. The light milk chocolate base was sprinkled with Glass Diversions Coffee Bean to complete the coffee inspired set.

A classic pink, CiM's Desert Pink, is transformed to a light hue of rose cashmere speckled
 with popular Coffee Bean.
 The frit has webbed to create a rich set of beads, coordinated with a deep fudge
brown spacer beads.

A classic cream glass, CiM's Butter Pecan was rolled in 99% fine silver foil and sprinkled with Coffee Bean frit. The frit has webbed among the micro drops of silver to create a rich set of lentil beads.

Effetre Avocado was rolled in 99% fine silver foil and sprinkled with Coffee Bean frit. The frit has webbed among the micro drops of silver to create a rich set of round beads. A timeless classic for both casual and business fashions!

On a base on CiM's Ltd Run opaque light green named Ain't Easy Being Green, Glass Diversions Coffee Bean frit was generously sprinkled and melted to a smooth surface!
I call this set Mint and Java Chip!

The beads shown in the Owl jewelry design below were created with a base of CiM's Mint Chip Ltd Run that was rolled in Glass Diversions Coffee Bean glass frit. 

This combination is perfect to pair with antiqued brass rather than the traditional silver or gold. The owls add some whimsy and also function as time keepers as well.

Spring Violet

On a base of clear Effetre glass, Glass Diversions Spring Violet frit blend was sprinkled and melted to a smooth finish.

This set of round beads was created on a base of CiM's Dried Sage, an opaque green with a generous sprinkling of Spring Violet glass frit.

This set of beads was created on Effetre White and  Spring Violet.

Vineyard Vines

On a base of Effetre Pistachio, these nuggets were created with Glass Diversions Vineyard Vines blended frit. The frit was sprinkled and melted smooth to allow the frit to spread and create the earth-toned patterns in each bead.

This set of 9 crystal shaped beads was created on a base of CiM's Hollandaise Limited Run. Vineyard Vines glass frit was sprinkled and melted into the surface. This bead set was tumble etched for a distressed organix stone like finish.

Peruvian Violet

This set of silvered foil and frit beads was created on a base of CiM's Limited Run, named Oyster Mushroom, with a generous sprinkling of Glass Diversion's Peruvian Violet glass frit.
I love how the rich silvered foil outlines the color spots of this frit.

This set of beads was created on a base of CiM's Butter Pecan sprinkled with Peruvian Violet and melted into the surface.

This set of beads was created on CiM's Thistledown, a light purple opaque wrapped in 99% fine silver foil and a layer of  Peruvian Violet frit was sprinkled.
The silver has fumed the frit and microdots of silver to a golden glow.


This set of beads started with a base of Effetre White opaque glass sprinkled with Celestial glass frit. The colors pop to reveal the mix of hues in this frit blend.
The two photos below are different sets demonstrating the consistency of Robin's blends.

This set of beads was created with a base of Effetre Sky Blue opaque glass sprinkled with Robin Koza's Celestial blend glass frit. The mix of the blue on blue creates a more muted result than on a white base.

Another set with an alternate base glass, CiM's Dirty Martini, a pale mineral green, was sprinkled with Celestial frit.

Celestial meets 99% fine silver foil in this unique set of beads started with a base of 
Effetre Light Teal transparent glass. 
99% Fine silver foil was burnished to the hot surface and then rolled 
in Glass Diversions Celestial.

The silver foil has raised to the surface of the bead creating 
framing around the melted frit, resembling stained glass windows!

A different approach to my Silvertrails bead series, this set of Effetre Light Turquoise based beads were sprinkled with Celestial frit and wrapped with 99% Fine Silver Wire.

French Tarragon

On a bases of CiM's pale greens, Cardamon and Key Lime Pie, Glass Diversions French Tarragon frit was sprinkled with to create this bead set.
The combination was then melted into the surface and these beads were etched to a matte finish and a tactile feel.

Pink Ribbon

If you love pink, you will love these rounds! I miss this blend as it is no longer available as some of the ingredients have become extinct!

On a base of Effetre Rose Quartz transparent, Glass Diversions Pink Ribbon frit, a fine mix of pink opaques was sprinkled and melted into the surface. The result is a lacelike pattern on each bead.

The same combination in lentil beads!

Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue

Effetre clear glass was rolled in 99% fine silver foil and sprinkled with this jewel toned transparent frit. The silver foil creates window panes with the richness of the blues and browns peeking through each portal.


A pale green opaque by CiM named 50s Kitchen Ltd Run rolled in 99% fine silver foil created a natural non-reactive base for a sprinkling of Glass Diversions Utopia glass frit. The silver droplets rise to the surface and frame the grit in a tapestry like look and feel.

Below is the same combination of glasses minus the silver foil.
A few 50s Kitchen spacers added for comparison to show the true hue of the base glass.
The silver seemed to bring out richer greens and darker hues of purple-browns.

Effetre White was sprinkled with Utopia frit. This is a lovely mix of natural colors in these beads for both casual and business fashions!

7th Heaven

I always like to start trying out a new frit blend with the basic white base. These beads when sprinkled with 7th Heaven frit release a richness of colors perfect for summer!

Robin's Egg

Although it may look like the Momma Robin has been busy.... these are actual 
beads that I created with the most beautiful frit blend. 
(If you still don't believe me... check out the top bead...
you can just see the hole slightly on the side)
Robin's Egg on a white base is as color to a real robin's egg that I have ever seen!

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