Saturday, April 3

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Color - Dollhouse Milky and Misty Ltd Runs

CiM's new Dollhouse pink is another of the milky and misty glasses for 2021.
As I mentioned in my last post, the option to have different translucency within the same color of an opal glass is unique to the industry.
This years palette offers four new colors which I will preview over future posts.
This post will show a few comparison beads as a glimpse of the new color and it's reactivity to silver glass and fine silver wire.
Dollhouse Milky Ltd Run and its Misty Ltd Run sister are reminiscent of the SOLD OUT CiM Rose Quartz glass from years ago. 

My "go-to" test for any new glass is to pair it with silver glass or 99% fine silver wire. This allows me to test reactivity in a small bead before creating a full set of beads.
Below are two views of my tests.

Note the slight intensity of the transparent vs translucency in the spacer beads of each set. 
The silver leaf and dots of DH Aurae silver glass used in the Dollhouse Misty Ltd Run was heated and passed in a reduction flame to fume the bead with a golden hue.

The Dollhouse Milky Ltd Run barrel bead was worked cooler in the flame and quickly wrapped with 99% fine silver wire. As a result, there is no fuming and the silver wire had no reaction.

So based on how you treat these glasses and the chemistry of the flame, you can achieve either option. This is why I love CiM - Creation Is Messy glass and our testing community as we provide glass bead makers previews of options for their artistic creativity!

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