Monday, April 19

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Colors - Happy Little Potion Bottles

I have been enjoying playing in my studio over the past few weeks while testing the 2021 release of CiM - Creation Is Messy glasses.

I had never tried blowing little bottles before, but was inspired to try after watching a youtube video of a couple of ladies making potion bottles from old Victorian glass they had found while mud larking.

These are far from far from perfection, but they were fun to create and see how the glass moves with the smallest of breath through a blowing pipe.

From left to right the bottles were crafted from:
CiM Streamer coded as 2020.10.29 with streams of CiM Smurfy, Pimento and Sunflower.

CiM Morgan Ltd Run, now sold out, a pink glass offered in 2020 with golden shimmer and a moonstone cast when viewing it at different angles.

CiM Bewitched Ltd Run, a clear base with indigo and purple streamers.

CiM Streamer test glass with gold aventurine streamer. Bottle stopper decoration with Double Helix Aurae dots.

Happy little bottles. My collection will no doubt grow to fill my window ledge.


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