Friday, January 18

Thought for today,

As a child, when things didn't seem to go my way, my mother reminded that nothing in life was easy or fair. At the time, this maternal advice just didn't seem to sink in, but over the past few months, I have really come to terms to the meaning of this statement.

Life shouldn't be easy:

  • in order to remind us that no moment be taken for granted.
  • in order to feel satisfied with out accomplishments, we should have to make an real effort.
  • adversity breeds character... otherwise we would be very boring individuals.
  • life is a learning process, otherwise what's really the point of being here.
  • compassion for others is only found within our own understanding of our place in this and how lucky we are.
  • there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

Life isn't fair:

  • life is not a game.
  • fairness is not about getting what you deserve but about doing what is right.
  • that's what we are supposed to be.

Have a great weekend and enjoy life!

Sunday, January 6

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