Thursday, April 24

Georgina Cannon presents Life Between Lives

Here is a video from my friend, teacher and mentor, Georgina Cannon from the Ontario Hypnosis Clinic. She is an subject matter expert on Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives work. Enjoy this video. If you wish to reach Georgina or explore the work of the OHC in Toronto, they can be reached by clicking here.

Saturday, April 19

Funny Stage Hypnosis Video

Here is a video from one of my favorite Hypnotists!

Saturday, April 12

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth... new job.. crazy busy!!

Sorry I have been less than attentive to my blog space over the past couple of months... starting a new role at my long term banking career has consumed much of my free time.
Luckily my glass pursuits slow down in the winter due to the cold in my renovated garage studio ( or at least that is the excuse I am using at this point!).
I set a goal 6 months ago concerning my hypnotherapy practice to devote minimum of 15 hrs in consultations and sessions and I am pleased to confirm that I am exceeding that goal and it is very rewarding to see those clients that have made the committment and in turn success in positive changes in their life. Hypnosis is not a "magic pill" that is administered with instant change.. my role as a hypnotist is to confirm the details of the change the client wishes to address and I faciliate the safe environment and scripting to allow the client to make the change themselves. The secret is really not a secret at all... the client is the catalyst of the change based on their true committment to wanting the change to take place.
Over the past 6 months, I have see successes in my clients in the areas of smoking cessation, release of phobias, weight management, and stress release.
My next goal is to complete my stage hypnosis certification to allow me to show the true power of the mind to audiences. This is where the real fun happens. Stay tuned for more information as I journey to the next level!

Jack Cain, a fellow hypnotist, sent this video to me recently. I think this is an amazing example of life imitating art in the midst of Grand Central Station. I challenge you to think about how something like this could stop you to ponder for a moment about life in the midst of chaos.