Thursday, August 18

More testing new glasses!

This post continues to share testing with some new Creation is Messy glasses introduced  earlier this spring.

Silver foil and Pendragonfyre hand blended frit was layered on CiM’s Toto Ltd Run. The results are beautiful with the micro silver droplets and hues of green, blues and purples creating dragon scales. I left these glossy, but they would be earthy with a quick roll in the tumbler.

A look of tie-dyed patterns was revealed in this next set using Double Helix Psyche Light over a base of CiM’s Byzantium Ltd Run, a purple moonstone. In a mixture of bead shapes, the twists and swirls of the silver glass created a perfect set for a bracelet.

I enjoy taking time to create simple round beads challenging to make them small to practice how many I can make on one mandrel. I had lots of fun with CiM’s rare Gooseberry and CiM’s Byzantium Ltd Run
I love these 2 colours together as they remind me of summer berries and currants.

I loved the colour combination that I continued with another set and added CiM Thistledown Ltd Run to the mix. Very pretty.

A new pale green opaque glass from Creation is Messy is Pistachio Ice Cream Ltd Run. I tried a quick bead set with White Effetre and CiM Hades dots. In the spacers there was no separation line of the glass, however with the addition of the dots and reheating, the focal bead does reveal the striation of the green hue.

CiM Moonlight Ltd Run is a pale steel blue transparent glass. I sprinkled and melted in Glass Diversion’s Dynasty Marble Frit and allowed the frit to spread and swirl. The spacers are simply CiM Moonlight.

Finally, a simple set of hand formed tube beads on a base of CiM Coronation Day Ltd Run with a layer of Gaffer purple extra fine frit. The richness of the purple base of Coronation is deep and dark allowing the patterns to form and reach out in Gaffer purple gloriousness!

Monday, August 15

Experimenting with Creation is Messy's Experimental Clear Glass

Kathy at Creation Is Messy has introduced a new clear a few months ago, I had tested it back in March and here are the results.

I love it!

The glass was tested with a number of other glasses and I wanted to share with you the results.
The first photo shows 2 beads encased with CiM Experimental. The base is CiM Charlotte pink sprinkled with Goldstone frit. 
I had no issues with encasing with this new clear glass.

Next up are 2 beads with the left being CiM Charlotte with goldstone and a second layer of Charlotte. It is a nice pink that melts easily and is non-reactive. 
The bead on the right is a base of Double Helix Clio sprinkled with goldstone and encased with CiM Experimental. I really like hold the clear glass preserves the silver glass reaction with no unexpected surprises.

I wanted to see how CiM Charlotte and CiM Experimental would react to 99% fine silver wire. It encased with a few expected bubbles but certainly stayed a true pink color. Very pretty.

Another test with Double Helix Clio with 99% fine silver wire was completed to use CiM Experimental once again for encasing the final layer of glass. It may have been the amount of reduction mixed with additional striking produced a variety of results from light golden to amber.

A closer look in these two beads show the variety of results that silver glass can give. The encasing of CiM Experimental was heavenly.

Saturday, August 13

4 Months - Challenges and Opportunities When Life Gets In the Way.

My last post was way back in March of this year. I was in the midst of testing new glasses and spending spare time in my studio while the snow blowed outside.

Next came the morning of the 4th of April to wake to feeling odd and realizing that something was definitely wrong. An emergency trip to the physician followed by 4 days in hospital ended with the realization that at 53 years old, I was a victim of a TIA Warning Stroke.

My family and friends were incredibly supportive and caring and I am so grateful for their emails and phone calls. The after effect of the stroke was extreme fatigue and numbness in my face, hands and feet. You really never realize who much you take for granted day in and day out. Even my sense of taste was altered and to this day favourite foods are no longer enjoyable as they once were.

Here we are 4 months later, after a 8 week sick leave that led to a end of one chapter of my career. In hindsight, it was a blessing in that it allowed me to explore a new role and the start of a new adventure in another organization. 

So what happened to the glass studio? Well as they say... life got in the way. All focus was on getting better and getting settled back into a normal routine. 

My devoted hubby and I enjoyed some vacation time in New England earlier this month while taking in a couple of Rob Thomas concerts which were AWESOME! 

I considered the trip therapeutic as the trip allowed us to plan milestones in my recovery plan to achieve wellness.

But I digress, let's get back to the subject of glass. 
I can confirm the following:

  • I am still making beads
  • I am still testing new glass colours and will still continue to share my experience via this blog starting this week.
  • I welcome your feedback and ideas on what you would like to see in future posts.
New beads will appear on this blog over the next day or so, so please stay tuned!

For those wondering about a TIA stroke and how to be aware of the warning signs, please check out this site. Stay informed for yourself and your loved ones.