Friday, April 2

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Color - Beeswax Milky and Misty Ltd Runs

For my first post on the new CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 color release, I tested 2 new shades of yellow called Beeswax. 

CiM created this hue in two options - Beeswax Milky Ltd Run and Beeswax Misty Ltd Run

The difference in the hues is based on translucency of the opal glass, which is something unique to current offerings across glass manufacturers.

The CiM website notes that this batch of color was based on a formula for another SOLD OUT color named Ghee, so I decided to pull out a rod of Ghee from my archive stash and create from comparison beads.

Looking at the rods, there is only a slight difference as noted below. Ghee is a slight deeper yellow in comparison.

In the past, I always liked to use silver glass and a reduction flame to create caramel tones of browned butter in my beads made from Ghee.

The following are my creations with each of the glasses using Double Helix Psyche silver infused glass.
Original Ghee's focal bead has Psyche scroll design.
Beeswax Misty Ltd Run's focal bead has dots of Psyche 
Beeswax Milky Ltd Run's focal bead was created with Psyche line trails.

The lovely caramel tones that present in Ghee when it it fumed by the silver glass and kissed by a reduction flame. 
Although my beads made with Beeswax are lighter in tone, I was able to coax browned butter hues in a reduction flame.
The Ghee spacers present darker tones that Beeswax offers.

Is Beeswax a substitution for the original Ghee, I am not 100% convinced, but I do like the options within Beeswax to have soft yellow opal beads when it is worked cool and quick as well as deeper caramel tones with a little more effort in the flame.

It is a keeper for its compatibility with silver glass - a favourite for 2021.
Check back soon for another post of glassy goodness!



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