Monday, October 26

Life On The Road!

No new bead photos as I am on a business trip for the past few weeks!
But always new listings each Sunday nite on E-Bay!

Currently in Toronto, looking forward to Nov 4th, Rob at Massey Hall!
Awesome seat and lots of twittering, getting everyone ready for the BIG NIGHT!
The countdown is ON!!
If I admitted to having a weakness.... it would be him! ;)

Here is just a tease of what is in store!


Monday, October 12


This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: CiM and Trautman Art Glasses

This set is a base of another of my favorite glasses, CiM's Stone Ground, an opaque silver yellow.Delicate scrolls of Trautman's rare glass, J.D. Mix decorate these hand formed barrel and round beads.

Cashmere and Cocoa

This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: Effetre and Glass Diversions Frit

A classic pink is transformed to a light hue of rose cashmere speckled
with popular Coffee Bean frit from Robin Koza.
The frit has webbed to create a rich set of beads, coordinated with a deep fudge
brown spacer beads.
A timeless classic for both casual and business fashions!

The King's Jester
This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: CiM and Double Helix Glasses

CiM's Stone Ground, an opaque silver yellow, is a base for these court jester inspired bead set. Patterns of Double Helix's silver infused glasses of Gaia, Electra and Psyche were reduced and encased to capture the rich jewel tones.
Double Helix's Aurae was speckled & dotted and then reduced to a gleaming gold.
This set is a one of a kind set to be offered on E-bay later this month, just in time for holiday jewelry collections. Perfect for that New Years celebration dress!

The Deep
This Set is NOW Sold
Materials:Bullseye Glass

A 2007 limited edition glass, Blue Green Algae, was used to create this set of rich coloured spacers. Each core of this glass was deeply encased to create beads that seem to glow from inside out. This glass has tiny sparkles of blue aventurine suspended that reflects the light from all angles.
These would be perfect matched with crystals and bali silver!

Materials:Effetre and Double Helix Glasses
This Set is NOW SOLD
Effetre's basic black is the base for these Paris inspired scrolled beads. Double Helix's silver infused glasses, Electra, Triton, Psyche, Aurae and Nyx show the variegated nature of each of these glasses within the hand drawn scroll work.

Golden Amber Honey
This Set is NOW Sold
Materials: CiM and Double Helix Glasses

This antique inspired set of beads was created with a unique batch of CIM's Pumpkin Unique-1. This unique batch created a rich burnt sienna semi-opaque glass rather than the bright Halloween style orange.
This caramel hued glass is not longer available for sale, so I have a small amount of it to share with you. Once it is gone, it is gone forever!

This glass has been paired with shards and dots of Double Helix's Aurae to create glittering textures. Along with spacers of Light and Dark Amber, this set is one of this seasons trendiest colors going into Winter and Spring 2009.