Friday, April 23

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2021 Color- Sea Anemone and Ice Grape Ltd Run

As CiM - Creation Is Messy expanded their line of streamer glass this year, testers were provided a sample rods of both the streamer and the base glass used in its production.
The bead set below showcases the differences in the two rods.

Two hollow beads of were created with Sea Anemone Ltd Run streamer. Note the streams of CiM colors:  Sunflower, Pimento, Iguana and Peace over a base glass of Ice Grape Ltd Run.

Two clear hollows of Ice Grape are included as well for comparison.

One additional hollow bead was created from Sea Anemone with end caps of
Double Helix Aurae Light.

My understanding is that only some distributors may have limited stock of these new colors including Ice Grape Ltd Run (available in North America only).
Definitely check with your favorite glass supplier for availability and order them before they are gone!


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