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CiM New Colors for 2020 - Testing Roundup - Week 1

This is the first post to cover off new beads made with The folks at CiM - Creation Is Messy glass have been cooking up some amazing colors for 2020. 
They have changed some of their production working habits to produce limited edition colors in small batches to accomodate the current global market.
Using limited run batches, the goal is to work closer with the lampworking community to determine what colors are the best to reproduce in future.
As an artist, I am always chasing that new color that is unique to the glass palette and having the opportunity to test colors first is something I look forward to each year.
This year, the colors did not disappoint and they have brought fresh color to my studio during these uncertain times of Covid-19.
For those that follow my Facebook, you are aware that my long awaited knee replacement surgery has been cancelled due to hospital operation room closures. Let's hope and pray that we "flatten the curve" and life gets back to normal. Until then, I offer you eye candy with the new colors over the next few weeks. There are almost 50 new colors, so let's get started!

CiM’s new Blueberry Muffin Ltd Run is a very dense opal royal blue. Imagine blueberry jam. 
The glass is so dense, that focal beads below are made with a clear glass core with Blueberry Muffin encasement. This is awesome as the glass goes along way rather than waste using as solid beads only. The focal beads have a sprinkling of Val Cox Silver Lake frit. This is a dense white blend which is quite rare to find now and the mix brought out shade from light blue to dark midnight blue. 

I created some handblown glass shards using CiM’s new Blueberry Muffin with Val Cox Silver Lake frit.
The base of these beads is
CiM’s new London Fog Ltd Run

The bead with the 99% fine silver wrap has a layer of Silver Lake frit under the shard and it didn’t react as much as the frit did on the darker glass. Spacer beads are pure London Fog.

This are classic beads! 
CiM’s new London Fog Ltd Run with gentle sprinkling of Val Cox Trickster frit. 
Beautiful for spring. There is a gentle pink blush to these beads from the frit. 
Spacers are London Fog.

Now this is a fun glass! 
CiM Circus Tent Ltd Run with it’s color streamers suspended within the clear glass. I capped the ends with Double Helix Aurae silver glass. 
So happy that the CiM glass had no reaction against the silver glass so that I can be confident to try more bead designs without worry.

Study of new CiM color for spring - CiM Peony Ltd Run, an opal pink that stays translucent after annealing.
First photo left to right: Shards of Double Helix OX459, Peony with Val Cox Abigail frit and fine silver wire and Peony with Val Cox Trickster frit. 
The silver glass fumed the Peony pink with a golden peachy glow.

Spacers are showing in 2nd photo.

Hand-blown glass shards of CiM’s new Chocolate Ltd Run with silvered ivory. Chocolate is a cloudy brown transparent that is true to it's name.

This set has a base of CiM Candlelight Ltd Run, a lovely transparent yellow, with these lovely shards created subtle patterns. 

This set of beads was created with a combination of two CiM new 2020 colors - Chocolate Ltd Run and Lunar Ltd Run, a blue opal. 
These colors work well with Double Helix Aurae Light silver glass droplets producing a glittering result.

This set of beads use the new CiM pink called Ballerina Ltd Run. 
It is a soft pink that I had a bit of a challenge in getting anything but a transparent.
The single bead is a base of Ballerina with my hand-blended Pendragonfyre frit. 
Apart from the spacers, the remaining beads are Ballerina over a core of CiM Peace with more of my frit. This would be lovely for a summer wedding bracelet.

Combining CiM’s Adriatic Ltd Run, a bright blue misty opal and Ra Ltd Run, an opaque silver laden yellow, created these beauties! 
A twisted stream of silvered ivory fumes a golden hue over Ra but kept the misty blue hues as rich as the sea!

CiM’s new fresh green, Avonlea Ltd Run absolutely sings when combined with Double Helix Melia silver glass. This set of beads shows surface and encased decorations. 
Spacers are solid Avonlea.

Last but certainly not least is result of cleaning out a drawer in my studio. A large sheet of pure copper foil that I purchased over 10 years ago caught my eye along with some scrapbooking cutout stamps. 
CiM’s new Summer Haze Ltd Run is a yellow misty opal. 
Experimenting using it as a base and encasing copper foil with Double Helix clear glasses Aether and Zephyr.  
I add a few drops of silver glass for a bit of added glitter.

So that is the Roundup of the first set of test results. Check back next week for another post of glassy goodness!


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