Wednesday, January 15

Nortel's Queen's Court Sampler Testing

Just a quick post to show a couple of new sets of beads using base glasses from Nortel’s CiM glass sampler named Queen’s Court. 

You can order this sampler of 17 colors that are both new and former favourites via Nortel’s new online shopping cart here.

First up - CiM Clockwork is an amazing orange that reminds me of Orange soda pop.  I used it as a based glass encased in clear on which I streamed Double Helix Clio Dark. The hot pinks, blues bloomed over the orange. Very cool result that shifts in iridescence shine from every angle. This glass is showing as sold out on the CiM - Creation Is Messy website, so definitely contact Nortel to order it while it lasts.

When I saw rods of CiM’s Eggplant, Maroon and Monarch, I immediately paired them with silvered ivory stringer to create a rustic bead set that reminded me of of the Queen’s Court in medieval times. The patterns and colors are complimentary and allowed for many bead shapes. 

Both these sets were made on 3/32 mandrels and perfectly fit on new sterling silver chains that I ordered online over my Christmas holiday.
Looking forward to a few more sessions at the torch to complete the testing of the samplers I have from Nortel. 

Stay warm, til next time.



Wednesday, October 9

CiM - Creation is Messy - African Violet Ltd Run

The beads within this post are combinations using CiM - Creation is Messy's African Violet Ltd Run. This glass is a dense and saturated transparent indigo. On its own, it is very dark and needs to be thinned out or used in layers to really show it's true color.

This bead started with a simple base of clear.  I created a twisted stringer using combinations of African Violet, Double Helix Kronos 2 powder and stormed Clio and wrapped it around the clear base.

To capture the streams of green and blue, I encased in bead in Effetre clear.
I love the streams of colors that seem to be moving as you roll the bead in the light.

View from one side.

View from other side.

The focal big hole bead below started with a base of CiM Spooky Ltd Run, an opal white glass. I used the left over of the twisted stringer that I had created for the bead listed above which I added to the Spooky base. 
To capture the streams of green and blue, I encased the bead in clear and added 3 silver glass murrini from my stash of Double Helix 2010 limited edition collection.  

View from one side.

View from the other side. 

Til next time, 

Sunday, October 6

Playing the CiM Glass Comparison Game!

I just received the latest newsletter from CiM - Creation Is Messy. 
Lots of information about what Kathy has planned over the next few months.
CiM's extensive list of colors to a new beadmaker may seem overwhelming. 
Beautiful colors with amazingly creative names.
Kathy’s organization by hue palette has allowed me to mix and match color families easily.

Within the newsletter, a list was provided with options for color substitutions within the CiM color palette. I hope this list can be added to the CiM Website as an easy access reference guide for artists that have not yet signed up for the email newsletter.

In this post, I am sharing a couple of comparisons that I completed in the summer and forgot to post in my blog.

I used a selection of CiM glasses and tested with various treatments.
Hopefully each graphic is self explanatory.

Many CiM colors are available through the new online order site at
Check out the new site today!


Monday, May 27

Experimenting with glass combinations!

This bead was created with a combination of CiM Bayou Ltd Run with CiM Garnet Ltd Run. I decorated it with silvered ivory stringer swirls melted into the surface. The ends were decorated with handmade shards of CiM's Tahitian Pearl Ltd Run. 

Although both Garnet and Tahitian Pearl glasses are showing as SOLD OUT at the CiM- Creation is Messy site, you may want to reach out to a local distributor to check their stock availability.
CiM colors are available through . Contact Jean or Jennifer for your glass needs!

One last set to share. 
Based on a few previous experiments with CiM Bayou Ltd Run, I wanted to revisit this glass with Double Helix Kronos 2 powder as a surface decoration. It did not disappoint!.
The flowers were created by layered dots of CiM's Peppermint Cream Ltd Run and stormed Double Helix stormed Clio encased in clear.
The spacer beads are the same Bayou base glass wtih Kronos 2 powder and Clio dots.

Saturday, May 25

CiM's Purples - Emperor, Enchanted, Amethyst, Boysenberry, Wisteria and Aladdin

Today, I am sharing some of the purple glasses offered by CiM - Creation is Messy.
The focal bead was created on a base of CiM Emperor, a golden transparent purple, with Double Helix Kronos 2 silver glass powder wrapped in silver wire and encased in Zephyr. 

CiM Enchanted Ltd Run was added to each ends  with streams of Double Helix Melia added and lightly reduced to a metallic shine. The spacers are CiM Amethyst Ltd Run.

CiM's Boysenberry Ltd Run is a dense and saturated purple moonstone glass.

In the focal big hole bead below, a base of CiM Boysenberry  on which Double Helix Kronos 2 powder was generously added and stormed Double Helix Clio swirled. A layer of 99% fine silver foil was added and the bead was encased in Zephyr to capture the reactions. 

I added Boysenberry to each end and hand formed it  into a barrel shape. The surface decoration is Double Helix Helios for a golden shine when reduced. The spacers are also Boysenberry.

This last bead set highlights another of CiM's purple moonstones, Aladdin Ltd Run.
The focal big hole bead started with a base of CiM Wisteria Ltd Run on which stormed Double Helix Clio was swirled and encased in clear glass. Aladdin was added to each end and streams of Clio was added as surface decoration.
The spacers are CiM Aladdin.

CiM's website is my go to resource for information and previews of each color in their extensive color offerings. I am impressed each time I visit to see how the lamp working community shares their beautiful creations, ongoing discoveries and feedback. 

Proud to be part of this collaboration effort!

Thursday, May 23

CiM's Wisteria and Lavender Water

This post displays beads with two new colors of CiM- Creation is Messy glass that sold out almost as fast as it was offered.
Purple glass seems to be most sought out as a favorite and the two hues highlighted in this post are no disappointment. 
CiM's Lavender Water Ltd Run  is a transparent color that shifts between lavender and grey depending on the lighting. 
CiM's Wisteria Ltd Run is a misty opal lavender that I have previously posted about. Click here for it paired with Double Helix Aurae.

For the beads below, CiM's Lavender Water Ltd Run was the base of the centre of the focal faux vessel with CiM's Wisteria Ltd Run shoulders. Mixed Double Helix silver glass was swirled and encased with clear. The spacer beads are CiM's Wisteria Ltd Run.

The set below uses the same combinations of glass and the focal big hole bead was shaped into a long barrel. Notice the mother of pearl shine from the silver glass in the natural light.

In this last bead, I experimented with Double Helix's Notos and 99% fine silver wire. CiM's Lavender Water Ltd Run was the base with the Effetre clear capturing the suspended reactions in clear. 

Although these glasses are showing as SOLD OUT at the CiM- Creation is Messy site, you may want to reach out to a local distributor to check their stock availability. 

CiM colors are available through . Contact Jean or Jennifer for your glass needs!