Thursday, April 12

New Spring 2018 CiM Colors - Camouflage and Amphibian

CiM's Camouflage Ltd Run is an opaque olive green with a hint of gray.

Personally I am not a big fan of gray greens as I struggle to choose coordinating colors to try against is as a base.

In this test, I decided to continue to test these new spring glasses with silver and chose to use silver foil and a glass frit from Val Cox named Victoria in this set of test beads.

Camouflage did well with silver foil and the micro dots of frit scattered around the glass frit patterns.

I am pleased with the results!

CiM's Amphibian Ltd Run is another gray green as part of the new spring 2018 color offerings.

On the CiM - Creation is Messy website, it is described as an opaque pale slate green that I thought would have more striations based on the color page.

I found it to be more green than gray the beads that I created.
I used some handmade Raku shards that I placed in an "armor" pattern and reduced them to a dull bronze like metal.
The base glass may have gotten a bit of fuming from the shards but the green really is predominant in the plain spacer beads as well.

So this brings us to the end of the CiM 2018 new colors. They have arrived at Nortel and Jean is ready to take your requests. Give her a shout and grab up some of these colors soon as they are limited editions.



Wednesday, April 11

New CiM Color for Spring 2018 - Sacre Bleu Ltd Run

This post is devoted to one of the CiM-Creation is Messy colors for Spring 2018!

It is another beautiful transparent blue aptly named as Sacre Bleu Ltd Run described as a bright luminous blue and it is does not disappoint!

If you like this color, I suggest that you order some quickly before it sells out!

I tested it with lots of 99% fine silver wire and Double Helix silver infused Kronos frit. The encasing to capture the silver glass reactions was done with Double Helix Aether clear glass.

This set of beads are one of kind, each unique in its look and combinations. To see the true hue of the Sacre Bleu Ltd Run, check out the spacers.

Tuesday, April 10

New Spring 2018 CiM Colors - Cotswald Blue and Serengeti

CiM's Serengeti Ltd Run is described as opaque earthy brown with red undertones.

I found that it started as a caramel brown but works to darker tones as it is lightly heated (so lightly that you are really just wafting it in the back of the flame).

I used some silver foil and a sprinkling of my own hand blended Pendragonfyre frit. My frit contains some rare purple rose glass and raku as 2 of the ingredients. It creates some beautiful patterning with the micro-dots of silver framing the bits of colored glass.

The result is the base glass makes the frit really sing! 

I definitely need to do more experimentation with this glass as the levels of tone provides lots of option for bead making.

CiM's Cotswold Blue Ltd Run is a muted opaque teal.
I used the same silver foil and frit glass mix and the result is also very pretty.

I was concerned that other beadmakers had reported striations in the glass once it was worked, but I saw only minimal striations so I suggest working it in a cooler flame to keep these under control.

Til next time,

Monday, April 9

Spring 2018 - New CiM- Creation is Messy Colors - Merryweather

A beautiful new blue glass!

CiM's Merryweather is a blue opal that just seems to glow from within.

Here in this bead set, I simply used 99% fine silver wire to decorate the surface of the focal beads. As I wanted to make a full set of barrel beads, I paired Merryweather (right hand side of each bead) with an existing CiM glass called Pulsar, a transparent aqua blue.

The combination is stunning and the silver wire wrapped on the surface completes the set.

These blues melted smoothly with no bubbling.

Please note that Merryweather is a limited run color, so get it while is it available. You will not want ot miss out on this one!

Contact Jean at Nortel for Canadian supplies of CiM Glass!


Sunday, April 8

Spring 2018 - New CiM- Creation is Messy Colors - Lilac & Banana Cream

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Just a quick post with 2 more new spring colors!

CiM's Lilac is a pale purple/pink opaque glass that melts beautifully and is not reactive to silver. As a result, no fuming or disclosure keeping the clean beautiful color it was intended to be.
Here in this bead set, I simply used 99% fine silver wire to decorate the surface of the focal beads. As you can see as compare to the spacers, the color is beautiful for spring.

CiM's Banana Cream is a light non reactive off white. Some testers have mentioned that as the glass is worked longer, the result has a light yellow effect.

When I paired it with Double Helix silver infused Helios glass in dots, scrolls and lines, the silver glass fumed the Banana Cream a deep golden color. The spacers are quite light in comparison.

The set is beautiful in person, I had it on display yesterday with lots of attention.
It is very eye-catching!

Enjoy your day and stay tuned for more new colors!

Friday, April 6

Spring 2018 - New CiM- Creation is Messy Color - Oobleck

It has been a long time since I picked up a children's book as my adult kids well over the voting age now.

So when I saw the reference to Dr Suess on the CiM - Creation is Messy website, I had to pull up a Google search for more details.

If you are interested, there is an Instructable that provides steps on how to create this gooey green stuff. Click Here.

But on to the results of this new CiM glass color, glorious Oobleck!

Described as an opaque neon lime green, it is definitely just that!

As I love to pair new colors with some of my stash of silver infused glass to test reactions, I used a Double Helix rare test glass from 2010 coded as OX376 which is a silver infused yellow green tourmaline super luster jewel tone!

The two hues of color worked very well together, if I do say so myself, and I encased some of the reaction under Double Helix Aether and left some other areas to show their shiny goodness.

I hope these beads brighten your weekend and definitely stay tuned for daily updates of more new Spring colors!


Spring 2018 - New CiM- Creation is Messy Color - Serenity

Over the next few posts, I will share more info about the new CiM - Creation is Messy glass colors for Spring 2018!

These glasses were released in March and are now arriving at the various glass suppliers. Here in Canada, my go to supplier is Nortel, so definitely contact Jean to order your supply.

This post's focus is on Serenity. This is a beautiful transparent teal in the medium scale of saturation.

In these big hole beads, I wanted to see how it would pair with silver glass and encasement.
I used Double Helix Psyche in dots and stripes encased with Double Helix Aether clear using Serenity as the canvas.

Aether brings out more green in the silver glass under reduction so next time I will also try it with Double Helix Zephyr to see if the color stays more blue under the encasement.

Simply beautiful!
Til next time,


Monday, April 2

CiM - Creation is Messy Spring 2018 New Colors

Just a quick post of some eye candy of the new CiM-Creation is Messy Spring 2018 new release colors.
Over the next week I will post the testing details of each color, but here is a teaser of the photos!

Merryweather paired with Pulsar

Stay Tuned for details