Tuesday, February 24

End of February News and New Bead Sets

Can you believe that it is really the end of February... I am so excited to get into March... it makes spring feel so much closer. The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy with lots of things happening here at Pendragonfyre. Here are a couple of things I am excited to share with you!
  1. Judith Rudolph of Holly Cottage Designs posted a pair of earrings with my beads just this past week and they are SOLD already! That is another jewelry design with Pendragonfyre beads sold and off to their new owners... Click Here to see the earrings
  2. CIM- Creation Is Messy is a glass manufacturer of soft lampwork glass rods that I love to use. Recently, many of the sets that I have sold on e-bay are comprised of CIM glass. The owner of the company, located in North West USA, has posted a number of my sets on her main website.I am so excited to see my work on her site! Here is the email from Kathy with the links to my photos:
"Hello Darlene,
I just had the pleasure of posting your beautiful work. If you hover over the photos a little tag will pop up – that is where I recorded which colors were used.








Thanks so much for the photos – in the future please don’t hesitate to send combinations that aren’t 100% Messy. I am happy to post even if one of the colors used is Messy. My two part goal is to properly demonstrate the color and also to inspire people to make pretty things!
Thanks again for sharing.


Kathy Seamands

Creation is Messy
Messy Color™"

Now for the beads. The following are the new sets from the last week or so.
Enjoy and have a great week!

This set is SOLD

The set below named "Celtic Panes" is SOLD

This set is SOLD
This set is SOLDThis set is SOLD

Monday, February 9

Thank you for your kindness during my recent illness!

Thank you everyone for all the cards and best wishes via Facebook and email. January 2009 was a difficult month for me. It started off with a week long hospital stay for severe pnemonia followed up with 3 weeks of recovery at home. For a "busy" person like me (some call it "work obsessed"), it was mentally painful to sit and rest for such a long time with little to do. Highlights of my downtime....not really...
  • Too much mind numbing daytime television! It got so bad I was watching live court feeds on Court TV.
  • 3 books of Sudoku completed.
  • It is said that you can't have too many relaxing bubble baths.... I may have to disagree.... it gets very boring after while!
I have finally been given the GO sign to start back at my day job and therefore also I can spend a "little" torch time.
I had luckily had a few sets in reserve from December to keep my e-bay clients bidding.... but I really need to get back at it. I don't consider it to be "work"... it is my stress relief.... my creative outlet. I have really missed it.

GREAT NEWS! --- 3 Things!

1. My beads are posted in a beautiful jewelry design by Holly Cottage Designs. Designer Judith Rudolph has created a necklace and earring set from my "jewels of winter" bead set. Click here to see the necklace and here to see the earrings.

Artistry in Glass, a glass supplier in London, Ontario has now added me to their list of lampwork artists. Thank you Carri for considering me! Click Here to see the list, scroll down to the bottom.

3. This week I am #15 on the list of
Top 100 Wall of Flame for Lampwork Artists on the web. This site is based on the number of unique hits to and from my website to this the wall of flame. Thank you to everyone that visits this site. If you want to check it it, the link is on the right of the main page of the blog.

Now that everyone is up to date with my news, I thought I would post the beads that were created in December to update the library of blog photos. Check out the post just below this one!

Sunday, February 1

February Edition of Pendragonfyre Beads Gallery

Latest Bead Gallery for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!
Click Here to see current E-Bay Auctions!
This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

Front View

Back View

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD

This set is SOLD