Sunday, April 4

Revisiting Favorite CiM Colors From the Past

Disclaimer - Though the CiM - Creation is Messy colors noted in this post may still be available at a few distributors, they do appear as SOLD OUT on the CiM website. 
I still wanted to capture these color combinations on this blog for future reference.

In 2020, CiM started producing new style of glass colors known as "cloudy" transparents.
In this set, CiM's Chocolate Ltd Run was wrapped with 99% fine silver and paired with spacer beads. 

This is a lovely glass that I had experienced some issues combining it with glass frit.
Using it with fine silver is a perfect combination to bring out the richness of the hues of chocolate brown and silver.

Two favourite 2020 colors, CiM's Adriatic Ltd Run  and Ra Ltd Run are prefect together for ocean inspired beads. This set of rounds capture silvered ivory waves within each bead.


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