Sunday, May 31

CiM 2020 New Colors - The Final Few

We are coming to the end of a successful CiM - Creation Is Messy 2020 color testing cycle.

Lots of new types of glasses were developed for 2020 and it was fun experimenting with various application to bring out all the glassy goodness to share with my fellow glass enthusiasts!

The final few rods are limited production and when I received them they had no official names, simply coded with testing batch numbers.

First up, a CiM - Creation Is Messy limited color coded as 11.17.6023. It is referred in my testing notes as a blue cloud transparent. 
The single bead photo shows the glass encasing over a clear glass core. You can see the striations of pigment clearly. 

The set of crystal and round beads are made in the same manner with added Double Helix Notos silver glass decoration. I definitely like using the glass in the diluted encasements rather than a more dense bead solely made from the cloud transparent. This is also a get way to use up all those short ends of clear glass that have been gathering in a bowl on my workstation.

This cheerful set of beads were made combining two of CiM’s 2020 new glasses. 
These are limited rods of test glasses coded as 11.17.60301 (I think now named Chirp) and Watermelon LITE a more diluted version of Watermelon Ltd Run. I decorated them with some of Val Cox Flaming June frit.  

I did not encase the beads in clear this time to see if I still got some micro cracking. There is a bit, so still going to be very wary using anything other than COE 104 for pairing these glasses in future.

This focal bead was my test of the new formulation of CiM Poison Apple that is new for 2020. In the past, this glass would lose its translucency if it was worked too long.  

I paired this with Double Helix silver Melia  and Notos and added shards of Aether. After several shaping and reheating, the bead stayed translucent. Very pleased to report that!

I am almost to the end of all the 2020 CiM - Creation is Messy glass testing. This set of beads is a teal transparent glass with mica suspended within. I created simple round beads and found that when the beads are moved, the mica does appear. 

CiM recently renamed this glass to Scuba Diving. It is quite appropriate as I see the micro bubbles with the final result.



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