Monday, May 2

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Pond Slime Misty Ltd Run

Creation Is Messy’s 2022 Pond Slime Misty Ltd Run is a green misty opal leaning to the yellow side of the spectrum. It is a very pretty color that speaks to the first shoots in a spring garden.
As the base glass was a green hue, I pulled out of my stash a CiM rare silver laden glass in the green palette named Dragon Ltd Run.

Starting on a base of this glass, I layered dots of CiM Dragon, CiM’s dense transparent pine green with aventurine named Eden and a Double Helix silver glass named Olympia Rain.
Clear portal dots of Double Helix Zephyr were added to capture the stormed reaction of the silver glass producing streams of greens, golds and ivories.

CiM's green glass stayed true to it's original tone and melted beautifully and stayed stiff enough to maintain the layering without drifting or shifting.

Dots of Double Helix OX-376, a yellow-green tourmaline, jewel super luster, complete each bead.


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