Tuesday, May 24

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Arctic Misty Ltd Run

CiM's Arctic Misty Ltd Run was definitely a surprise glass. Described on the website as misty opal light blue, holding the rod in my hand, I saw a beautiful blue.

I love to test new colors by pairing them with Double Helix silver glasses to compare reactions. For the most part, blues and silver glass play well together.
Other CiM Testers this season has varying success with keeping the blue tones in their test beads so I was prepared for a surprise opening my kiln the next morning.

I paired CiM Arctic Misty Ltd Run with Double Helix Psyche glass shaping these flat backed tapered barrels. The Psyche glass was twisted and reduced and encased with Double Helix clear Zephyr. The colors going into the kiln was blues and blues.

What came out was a dark bottle green-brown from what was light opal blue. Was I disappointed? Certainly not as I had planned for it. Thank you my CiM Testing team as you allowed me to "make lemonade out of a lemon". 

I think these beads are beautiful and the darker base glass really allowed the silver glass to appear more vibrant. 
The spacer beads are Arctic Misty with no silver glass added.

What do you think?


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