Thursday, May 26

Follow-up Testing of CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 - Elegance Ltd Run

In my last post, I mentioned my challenge in testing CiM's new pink - Elegance Ltd Run.
In the set of beads where I used layering with silver glass and Super Clear, the glass turned an opaque pastel pink rather than staying opalescent.
I noticed that even in the spacer beads with no silver glass, the solid opaque pink was still the result.

I decided to complete a controlled experiment. 

Here are my steps and results:

- I have 2 kilns running when I am making beads. Both are started at the same time and beads with silver glass are placed in my right hand kiln leaving the left side kiln for non silver glass beads.
At the end of my day, I created two sets of spacers made from CiM Elegance. 

  • Each were made within 5 min of each other. 
  • One mandrel of 3 was placed in the right hand kiln, the other mandrel of 3 spacers in the left kiln.

- Both kilns were ramped down at the same rate and durations.

  • - The spacers placed in the kiln with other silver glass beads turned opaque.
  • - The spacers in the "non-silver glass" environment kiln remained translucent. 

Coincidence or does exposed silver glass create a kiln environment that change opacity of a glass?

A little mystery that may need more testing...for this beautiful precious pink!


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