Sunday, May 22

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Diaphanous Milky Ltd Run

Creation Is Messy’s 2022 Diaphanous Misty Ltd Run is the misty sister of the milky glass that I previously tested. This ivory misty opal melts smoothly with no stockiness. 

I have been told that this glass was related to a previous CiM transparent glass called Peachy Keen Ltd Run I unfortunately did not have any left in my CiM stash, so I picked up a rod of CiM Nectar Ltd Run and used it for this set of beads.

The round beads are a 50/50 of Nectar and Diaphanous Misty with a sprinkling of Double Helix Aurae fine frit. Each bead was wrapped with 99% fine silver wire and reduced to bring out the metallic glitter of the silver glass.

Four round beads of Diaphanous Misty were coated in fine frit and reduced. Plain spacers of the base glass complete the set.


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