Wednesday, May 25

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Elegance Ltd Run

Glass beadmakers are always on the hunt for a new pink - everything from a pale rose to a hot bubblegum pink. The ingredients to create a pink glass are pricey so each time a new pink comes out for testing it causes me a bit of anxiety to ensure that I am properly handling the glass for optimal testing results.

My "thing" is to test with silver glass, most notably Double Helix, so I embarked on creating this set of beads with high hopes.

CiM's Elegance Ltd Run is described as an opalescent pink. Yikes... Will I be able to maintain the opalescence?
I consulted with the CiM Testing team and found that some were successful in maintaining the glass quality and translucency while others appeared to create more opaque pink beads.

This set of crystal and round shapes are the result of my tests.

Layers of CiM Elegance, Effete Super Clear, Double Helix Aurae, 99% silver wire with a final encasement of Super Clear was shaped in to crystal and round beads.

Was it the shaping of the beads that caused the pink glass to turn opaque?
I definitely need to come to a better experiment and hypothesis on this new pink glass.

Stay tuned for my next post for more details.



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