Monday, May 23

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Consuelo Misty Ltd Run

As part of the 2022 Creation Is Messy offerings, I was excited to see new teal glasses. CiM's Consuelo Misty Ltd Run is a beautiful glass that was derived from a recipe of sold out CiM Marine Ltd Run.

Of course, I dug through my CiM stash and no Marine to be found. 😞 Luckily, I did have some rods of CiM Aiko Ltd Run (which is also sold out). Yeah! 


Lesson to those beadmakers, if you see a color that you love - buy it as CiM's limited runs go quick. Canadian followers, shoutout Nortel in Toronto, my supplier!

I think the colors compliment each other well and work so lovely with Double Helix silver glass!

The round beads are a 50/50 of Aiko and Consuelo Misty with a sprinkling of Double Helix Aurae fine frit and reduced to bring out the metallic glitter of the silver glass.


A duet of each Aiko and Consuelo Misty beads fine frit and reduced. 


Plain spacers of the each base glass complete the set.


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