Tuesday, May 3

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Glycerin Milky Ltd Run - Part 2

Just a quick post on another quick glass frit test using Creation Is Messy’s 2022 Glycerin Milky Ltd Run.

As I mentioned in a post on May 1, 2022, Glycerin is an off-white milky opal that bead testers describe as a moonstone. It is a clean white in my opinion and it melted smoothly with no issues.

In this mini-set of beads, I used Val Cox Montmartre. This frit pairs generous chunks of Purple Rose with a blend of golden transparents to create beads that appear to be illuminated from within.

Worked in a neutral flame, these beads were easy to complete with a sprinkling of frit and a wrap of 99% fine silver wire.

The spacer beads are pure Glycerin to note that the change in the color came from the orange and gold transparent rather than a reaction to the silver wire.


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