Saturday, May 21

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Ocelot Ltd Run

In this fun new Creation Is Messy streamer glass for 2022, Ocelot Ltd Run is described as a clear base with orange, yellow, & black streamers.
Previously CiM had experimented with other streamer glass combinations. My favourite was in 2020 with Circus Tent Ltd Run, see my previous post about it here. 
I decided to pair Ocelot with a complimentary brown glass from my CiM stash - Brown Eyed Girl Ltd Run.

This set of tapered barrels used Ocelot as the focal centre stripe with ends of Brown Eyed Girl. I am please with how the streamers remained clear and visible with no smearing nor did they disappear or blend together. Both glasses melted smoothly and was a pleasure to work with.

The spacers are solid Brown Eyed Girl.


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