Sunday, March 12

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2023 New Color - Aubergine Misty Ltd Run

What can I say about CiM - Creation Is Messy's selections of purples?

I have so much to say and when new colors come out each year, purple is the first color I gravitate to. This year, we have been blessed!

I have already highlighted Charisma in a previous post - check that out here.
Today, we are looking at the misty version of the new Aubergine Ltd Runs
According to the CiM Website, the melt was an attempt at recreating Eggplant (one of my favourites from the past). Click Here to see a set that was published in Bead Trends magazine.

The result of the recreation of the glass didn't reproduce Eggplant, but it produced a color more similar to CiM's rare Plum and I am not disappointed as I have also used a number of CiM Plum unique rods over the years. Click Here for an example from way back in 2010.
Note: As of the time of this post, Nortel has Eggplant along with both Aubergine Misty and Milky offered in their online shopping site.

So for 2023, Aubergine Misty Ltd Run is a purple misty opal. In the past, opals had a tendency to pop when I introduced into the flame. This year, I am not experiencing any of that and the glass is wonderfully smooth when kept warm within the upper part of the torch.
I must admit that I work cooler than many other artists as I prefer to work slow to allow me to shape each bead and avoid burning out the color.

Today's test beads document my test day's success and one user mistake.

First up, of course, is a test with silver glass! I like using Double Helix Garage Sales glass.
To explain, as an observation, I purchased a garage sales box in each 2015 and 2016 to allow me to test silver glass without the BIG $ price point.
With a little experimentation, this purchase of a selection of glasses has been successful to me and I am still working through each glass a little at a time and love what it creates. I recommend this to anyone that is stressed about the $$ purchasing silver glass.

These 3 round beads were created on a base of CiM Aubergine Misty with a central sweep of Double Helix Garage Sale 2016 test glass coded as CL/ 
In using this silver glass, it reminds me of Clio Dark and it produces some great color hues. I wrapped a couple rounds of fine silver wire and encased the whole bead with Double Helix Zephyr.

The photo below shares the other two beads that I created with this purple.
A simple heart started with Aubergine Misty with a wrap of Riley Dichro Pink/Teal Crinkle encased with Zephyr.

I can be personally challenged with using opal glass through the process of encasing the base and keeping the bead warmed through while shaping a larger focal.

I unfortunately created the most beautiful bead focal but took too long to shape it... and it presented a thermal crack after it emerged from the kiln. 
Such a beautiful bead that will most likely go in the "future cabochon" bottle as the glass is too pretty to abandon to the flower bed.

For the details of the combination, this large pillow focal is a based of Aubergine Misty with the same Riley Dichro as the heart. I added a couple streams of Double Helix Oracle Violet Opal and encased in Zephyr.
I intend to recreate this bead again paying more attention to keeping it warm until it goes into the kiln as the combination is so pretty.
Reach out to Jean or Jennifer at Nortel to add some of these glasses to your new CiM - Creation Is Messy colors for 2023.


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