Monday, March 20

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2023 New Color - Cremello Milky Ltd Run

CiM’s new Cremello Milky Ltd Run is a white milky opal with a hint of peach introduced as part of the 2023 new palette of limited run colors.

It melts smoothly and is very pretty with a gentle sprinkling of my own Pendragonfyre frit with a hint of wild raspberry. 

The touch of raku in my frit blooms to create a tapestry look to each bead. 
These would also be interesting to see as an etched set, though I haven't yet tried that.

Spacers are pure Cremello Milky.

All the new CiM colors for 2023 are available through Nortel in Toronto through their online shopping cart. I suggest ordering some as part of your next glass order.


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