Saturday, March 4

Bits and Bobs for the Beginning of March

When I first think of March, the color green comes to mind. It brings thoughts of spring and of course St Paddy's Day.
It has been a while since chose to use green for a blog post so I picked of two of CiM's colors for this time around.
First up, CiM - Creation Is Messy's Wheatgrass was rolled in silver foil and sprinkled with Val Cox Geneva leaded frit. The glass was encased in Double Helix Zephyr and shaped into a heart as the focal bead. The spacers are simply CiM Wheatgrass.

CiM Wheatgrass was the base of this hex shaped focal bead on which Riley Cyan Copper Dichro glass was added and encased with Effetre Clear. Sprinkle dots of Double Helix OX 459 were added by hand to create the sparkling encrusting at each bead shoulder. The spacers are pure Wheatgrass.

This set of zulu glass frit beads started on a base of CiM Mint Chip on which Glass Diversions 7th Heaven frit was sprinkled. The frit was melted to the surface and the patterning of the colors is quite nice with no adverse reaction to the base glass.

This set of goddess series beads were created on a base of Effetre Dark Matter Rose #441R with layered dots of Effetre Avorio Pervinca #296, a creamy ivory. Combinations of Double Helix Garage Box 2015 mystery purple speckled glass labelled OP.e and Zephyr glasses create each clear glass portal.

The interaction of the silver glass has created storm like patterns under each clear glass bubble. 
Dots of Double Helix Aurae Light complete each bead. 
Depending on the angle of view, the colors range from blues with mother of pearl sheen to rich ambers, pink and purple storms.

I also tested Effetre Dark Matter in the two focal beads featured here. 
Each large straight sided pillow started on a base of Dark Matter with the left over bits of silver glass from making the goddess beads. 
Under the encasement of Effetre clear glass, each silver glass has a cast of mother of pearl sheen in creams, golds and pinks. These each measure 25MM by 25mm.
In natural light, the silver speckled glass sparkles with the movement of light.

I have checked availability of these glasses as In Stock on Nortel Glass' online shopping cart.

Reach out to Jean or Jennifer at Nortel to add some of these glasses to your new CiM - Creation Is Messy colors for 2023.

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