Sunday, March 19

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2023 New Color - Niagara Misty Ltd Run

Happy Sunday Glass Artists!
I am still in the midst for working through the new 2023 CiM Creation Is Messy Limited Run colors. I anticipate each spring's new offerings and I am so excited to share details with you as I experiment with each new palette!

Each of the posts over the next couple of weeks will highlight a new color as my catalogue of colors!

For today's post I dusted off my big hole mandrels for a handful of beads with this beautiful waterfall hue, the new Niagara Misty Ltd Run, slightly bluish teal misty opal.

CiM's Niagara Misty is the canvas on which Goldstone frit was generously sprinkled.

Each round bead was encased Double Helix Zephyr clear glass to capture and magnify the bling and add sparkle to spring!

All the new CiM colors for 2023 are available through Nortel in Toronto through their online shopping cart.
I suggest ordering some very soon before it is gone as I expect this one will sell out quickly!


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