Tuesday, March 1

Enjoying the present and looking to the future

First to the present...

I was thrilled to see the new March issue of Bead Trends is now out to the stores. I was honored to be featured in this issue with my design named "Our Love".
The design is a combination of rich purples including CiM's Eggplant( a great base for silver frit), Effetre Purple Glycine and lots of Double Helix silver glass decorations!
Check out Bead Trends website and their Facebook Fan page!

Now to the future...

As with fashion, jewelry has it trends and forecasts. As most fashion forecasts can be subjective, I prefer to use color forecasts to provide me the guides within I can be inspired to create my bead sets.
Working with lampwork glass rods remind me so much of playing with my crayons as a child. Vibrant colors, mixing and matching to create new collections of color designs. Maybe that is why I am attracted to glass so much, as the colors available are vast and there are always new ones to try and experiment with.

The color forecast experts, in my opinion, are the Pantone group. In watching their forecasts over the past decade, it is amazing to see how the colors that they predict, end up in more products than just clothing and paint products. Walk in any department store and you will see the colors they have forecasted show up in household items, food labels, storage containers and even toothbrushes! Turquoise was the color for 2010 and it was everywhere!

Pantone's 2011 color of the year was announced a few months ago and I blogged about it in this past post. Now the fall color forecast was released a couple of weeks ago. Below is a snippet of the color palette!
Over the next few months, I will be creating bead sets that will get you ready to create jewelry pieces for fall 2011, let me know if you like what you see and if a particular color is your favorite.

Love to hear from you!


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  1. I love these colours Darlene - I am already using lots of crystals to tone/co-ordinate with the lampwork beads I use in phlox/deep teal/ and coffee colours. Whoever would have thought I would be fashionable! xx

  2. Anne, it must be OUR Year!!

    Although I watch the color trends sometimes with a "grain of salt", it really gets me excited when I see colors that I have already been using show up on a forecast!

    Thanks for your comments,

    Anyone else liking the colors for 2011?