Sunday, April 24

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Inca Rose Ltd Run Part 2

As I noted in a previous post, CiM’s new Inca Rose Ltd Run is another new cloudy transparent pink for 2022.
It is a lovely color that I definitely will want to order more. Even though it can be shock, pre-warming it solved any issues with this glass.

With Inca Rose as the base for each Goddess bead, I used layered dots of CiM’s new Cafe Au Lait Ltd Run, CiM's rare Black Currant between the silver glass layers.

Clear portal dots of Double Helix Zephyr were added to capture the stormed reaction of the silver glass.

Each portal turned into reduced storms of purples and pinks as a result of the reaction between the two silver laden glasses. The base glass of Inca Rose stayed true and kept its pinky peach hue.

Dots of DH Kalypso complete each bead.

As an extra test, I created a flat back focal bead with layered swirls of CiM Peace, DH Kalypso with an encasement of Zephyr. 
Inca Rose stayed true and really is such a lovely glass color.


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