Friday, April 1

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Ballet Slipper Ltd Run

Ballet Slipper Ltd Run is a cloudy pale transparent pink in CiM - Creation is Messy’s 2022 offerings of limited runs.
Some testers had noted some stockiness so I followed their recommendation to pre-heat the rod of glass. It is such a beautiful glass, I didn’t want to waste a bit.
It melted beautifully and is definitely a lovely color.
As it was pale, I decided to to use it as a canvas backdrop to a beautiful Val Cox frit named Sadie Hawkins that recently purchased at Nortel.
Nortel is very good at having many of Val's glass frits stocked when they are not available elsewhere.

This little set was made with bits of Ballet Slipper and Pizzazz at the end of my day of testing. I again used a sprinkle of Val Cox Sadie Hawkins glass frit and a wrap of 99% fine silver wire before shaping the bead into a tapered barrel. 
I did notice there is a bit of reaction to the fine silver, but I am unable to confirm if it is because of the base glass or the frit itself.

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