Friday, April 8

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Inca Rose Ltd Run

CiM’s new Inca Rose Ltd Run is another new cloudy transparent pink for 2022.
It appears to be just a shade darker than CiM's Ballet Slipper.
Cloudy transparent are prone to stockiness so pre-warming is recommended.

As a base for my Goddess style beads, this glass melted smoothly as each bead starts with a small base in each bead.

Layered dots of CiM’s new Cafe Au Lait Ltd Run which has some silver content and Double Helix Kalypso silver glass. I played with layering on these beads and ended up with a bit of change in each bead.
One of the beads has a layer of rare CiM's Black Currant between the silver glass layers.
Two of the beads has a layer of CiM's Gypsy between the silver glass layers.
The bead on the right below was just layered with Cafe Au Lait and Kalypso and produced more pink as a result.

Clear portal dots of Double Helix Zephyr were added to capture the stormed reaction of the silver glass.

Each portal turned into reduced storms of purples and pinks as a result of the reaction between the two silver laden glasses. The base glass of Inca Rose stayed true and kept it's pinky peach hue.

Dots of DH Kalypso complete each bead.


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