Friday, April 29

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Pond Slime Misty Ltd Run

CiM's 2022 color palette included many Milky/Misty offerings. 

Pond Slime is lime green opal with these two options. In this post, I used Pond Slime Misty Ltd Run.

Both versions of this color melted beautifully and in this bead set, my test was to see how it would pair to my own hand blended frit named Love Sonnet which included raku and rare purple rose.

Starting on a base of CiM's new Pond Slime Misty Ltd Run Pendragonfyre frit was sprinkled to create these romantic beads.

The spacer beads are included in this set show that the color of the green glass stayed true under the frit with no reaction.

Perfect for the spring and summer season! 


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