Tuesday, April 5

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Colors- Saddle Leather and Birchwood Ltd Runs

In today's glass testing post, I decided to make some hand-blown glass shards of CiM’s new Saddle Leather Ltd Run, an opaque brown, with silvered ivory. The glass melted like butter with no shockiness.

I created this bead set pairing the shards and dots of silvered ivory Saddle Leather with CiM’s Birchwood Ltd Run
I like the colors that it produced with the silvered ivory.


This focal bead below was created with a combination of CiM opaque glasses. 

The base of the bead has Saddle Leather as the ends of the tapered barrel with a centre stripe of another CiM opaque.
I pulled a rod of CiM’s Painted Hills Ltd Run, an opaque yellow, from my stash and made a stripe across the middle to brighten the whole bead.
The surface rivet decorations are made with a reduced Double Helix test silver glass known as OX 376.  
OX-376 a yellow-green tourmaline, jewel super luster that was first introduced in 2010. I love my silver glass stash!

It will be fun to experiment more with these new opaque once the glass arrives at my supplier, Nortel based in Toronto.


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