Saturday, April 30

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Fjord Misty Ltd Run

CiM’s Fjord Misty Ltd Run is described as a bluish teal misty opal a relative to rare CiM’s Aegean transparent teal that has been sold out on the CiM website for a while.

I looked through my Creation Is Messy stash and noticed that CiM Atlantis Ltd Run, an opal seemed to match Fjord quite well.

Note: I did check the Nortel Glass site and both Aegean and Atlantis appear to still be available, so definitely contact Jean or Jennifer to purchase.

I have used Atlantis in the past and did find that depending on how long it was worked in the flame, it would opacify and vary in its translucency. Here is my past blog post on Atlantis back in Sept 2011.

To see how these 2 glasses compare, I created the following beads with mixtures of the two.

If you look closely at the spacer beads, you will see the comparison of the two Fjord spacers in the middle between the Atlantis spacer beads.

Each tapered barrel bead has one end of Fjord and other is Atlantis. It is on these beads were I see a very slight greenish hue on the Fjord where the DH Notos silver glass fumed a golden cast.

The round beads are solid Fjord with silver glass streams and dots.

The rich teal hues just call to me to pair with Double Helix silver glass. 

These beads show the potential to use DH Notos, a silver saturated super-luster with a subtle blue-grey-green tone for raised decoration.
The tapered barrel beads are 


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