Tuesday, April 26

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Atoll Misty Ltd Run

Creation Is Messy’s 2022 Atoll Misty Ltd Run is a green misty opal leaning to the blue side of the spectrum. It is a very pretty color that speaks to spring at the seaside.

I had previously tested CiM’s Cafe Au Lait Ltd Run for its friendliness to other silver glasses, so it was fitting to try it again in another combination for my Goddess beads to test how Atoll Misty would behave with layered portals.

Starting on a base of this glass, I layered dots of CiM Cafe Au Lait, CiM’s extremely dark purple called Black Currant Ltd Run and Trautman's silver glass named Golden Emerald experimental.

Clear portal dots of Double Helix Zephyr were added to capture the stormed reaction of the silver glass producing streams of purples, ambers and greens.

CiM's green glass stayed true to its original tone and melted beautifully and stayed stiff enough to maintain the layering without drifting or shifting.

Dots of Double Helix Aurae complete each bead.


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