Tuesday, March 29

CiM - Creation Is Messy 2022 Color - Pizzazz Ltd Run

Pizzazz Ltd Run is a misty opal purple that is bright and cheerful in CiM’s 2022 offerings of limited runs.

I experimented with Pizzazz two ways in my work with this new glass color.

First up, it is paired with  Glass Diversions Kismet frit.

These round beads have a simple sprinkling of the glass frit gently melted into the surface.  You will notice that all but the one bead at the end used Pizzazz over a white core of CiM Peace. The neutral core seemed to show a brighter hue to the purple glass, otherwise it was darker than I would have as the solid base.

I also tested Pizzazz with the addition of silver foil under the Kismet frit.  

In areas where the frit was absent, Pizzazz did emit a brownish hue as a reaction to the silver foil.

The spacer beads shows the pure color of Pizzazz.











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