Sunday, May 19

More experiments with CiM Elixir!

Just a quick post to share a couple more bead experiments with CiM - Creation is Messy's Elixir.

The following beads were created on a base of CiM Elixir.

One bead has CiM's Peppermint Cream Ltd Run and combination of Double Helix's silver glasses Melia and Clio central dots.. the middle was encased in Zephyr and Melia was added to each end with silver wire and reduced.

The other bead was on a base of Elixir with twisted dots of CiM's Peppermint Cream Ltd Run, Double Helix's silver glass Melia and Zephyr. Melia dots reduced completed the bead. spacers are Elixir

Til next time, D.

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