Wednesday, May 22

Spring Pinks and Lavenders

Just a quick post to show you the glass combination discovery using Double Helix stormed Clio over CiM's Peppermint Cream. 
Look at that reaction in the centre of each portal drop in the centre bead! Wow... gotta make more of these!

The focal bead was created on a base of CiM's new lavender named Wisteria. A few future posts will focus on Wisteria Ltd Run, so stay tuned.
The dots are layered starting with CiM's Peppermint Cream, Ltd Run stormed Double Helix Clio. The dots were then reduced and encased in Effetre clear, Highlight dots of Clio complete the focal bead.

The other two beads in this set are on bases of CiM Enchanted Ltd Run a pink lavender transparent. I dotted it with Double Helix Clio and encased the bead in clear. I like that when the base glass was paired with silver infused glass, the peachy pink cast of Clio over the purple hue is a nice compliment to the focal bead.

Til next time,

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