Saturday, May 25

CiM's Purples - Emperor, Enchanted, Amethyst, Boysenberry, Wisteria and Aladdin

Today, I am sharing some of the purple glasses offered by CiM - Creation is Messy.
The focal bead was created on a base of CiM Emperor, a golden transparent purple, with Double Helix Kronos 2 silver glass powder wrapped in silver wire and encased in Zephyr. 

CiM Enchanted Ltd Run was added to each ends  with streams of Double Helix Melia added and lightly reduced to a metallic shine. The spacers are CiM Amethyst Ltd Run.

CiM's Boysenberry Ltd Run is a dense and saturated purple moonstone glass.

In the focal big hole bead below, a base of CiM Boysenberry  on which Double Helix Kronos 2 powder was generously added and stormed Double Helix Clio swirled. A layer of 99% fine silver foil was added and the bead was encased in Zephyr to capture the reactions. 

I added Boysenberry to each end and hand formed it  into a barrel shape. The surface decoration is Double Helix Helios for a golden shine when reduced. The spacers are also Boysenberry.

This last bead set highlights another of CiM's purple moonstones, Aladdin Ltd Run.
The focal big hole bead started with a base of CiM Wisteria Ltd Run on which stormed Double Helix Clio was swirled and encased in clear glass. Aladdin was added to each end and streams of Clio was added as surface decoration.
The spacers are CiM Aladdin.

CiM's website is my go to resource for information and previews of each color in their extensive color offerings. I am impressed each time I visit to see how the lamp working community shares their beautiful creations, ongoing discoveries and feedback. 

Proud to be part of this collaboration effort!

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